May Day Thoughts for workers on International Labour Day

Today is May Day.  Across the globe, since 1904, people celebrate 1st May as International Workers’ Day. In many states, it is a public holiday. It is more important than ever today for us all to commemorate May Day and to remember that socialism transcends boundaries. Nationalism of all kinds serves to divide working people everywhere. Workers united across the globe must stand together to fight the powers which seek to control us in order to ensure the very wealthy remain so. Today the gap between rich and poor becomes ever wider every day.

It is not for socialists to look for gain merely for the few, for their friends. It is not for the people of nations to seek wealth and and fortune for themselves and their neighbours, forgetting those who are out of sight. Such wealth comes only at the expense of others, whose lands become polluted, where children provide cheap labour. Greed leads to war. Dreams of a world without war and conflict might be pipe dreams, yet by being silent we are complicit. Many turn their back on politics through despair, through a sense of betrayal, and all of that I understand. Politicians across the globe have become puppets for the plutocrats, the mega-rich, the Murdochs. People are angry at the lies, the sleaze, the betrayal, and angry that socialist and democratic-socialist parties, infiltrated by neo-liberals leave them disenfranchised.

I ask you not to waste that anger. By being apathetic, by not using a vote, or walking past abuse, we are complicit. You can make a difference. Act.

Join others who share your views, group and unite.

Use your voice, use your vote, and use your mind.

There are more of us. The workers, united, will NEVER be defeated. 

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3 thoughts on “May Day Thoughts for workers on International Labour Day

  1. Once again an excellent piece. I do look forward to reading your blogs, we are both very much on the same waveband of thought. Very well done comrade and please keep up the good work. Power to the people not the rich.


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