Toby Young – disabled children should be excluded from schools

(This is not satire – it’s Toby Young)

Toby Young, writing in The Spectator, thinks disabled children should be excluded from schools.

No – I’m not exaggerating – he really does say that wheelchair ramps in schools are an example of ‘ghastly, politically correct’ inclusiveness.

Sun columnist Toby presumably reckons that educating children who can’t walk would mean more ‘dumbing down’ of the level of education in our schools, so much better to exclude them then.

As opposed, presumably, to allowing more ‘dumbing down’ of the level of education by accepting children of the rich and influential who fail their exams into exclusive universities? (bear with me for a moment and I’ll explain what I mean by that).

This nonsense about excluding children with disabilities is particularly interesting if you consider the little known fact that it was Toby’s father, Michael Young, who coined the phrase ‘meritocracy‘ – you know the seemingly radical idea that people’s position in society should be based on merit rather than on what family they were born into or what school they went to.

His father, a Labour peer, must be turning in his grave.

Still – Toby likes to boast about how he is a perfect example of how anyone can succeed because he still managed to get a place at Oxford despite failing most of his O’ Levels.

He managed to do this because apparently Brasenose College, Oxford sent him a letter of acceptance ‘by mistake’ (No – I’m not making any of this up).

Of course Toby, you were accepted into Oxford ‘by mistake’.

It had nothing to do with the fact your father was MP and life peer, Baron Young, and your mother a well-known artist, writer and BBC Radio producer.

No – it was just a mistake – the kind of ‘mistakes’ which only seem to affect the children of the rich, the influential or the well-known.

Toby – I’d like to explain to you why excluding disabled children who use wheelchairs from schools is not one of your best ideas, by making a technical point about biology – clearly one of the O’ Level subjects you must have failed.

People don’t think with their f***ing legs you bonehead.


After Toby Young’s infantile idiocy, why not refresh your brain with some much needed common sense with this article by Pam Field on the important subject of inclusion and exclusion in education:

Integration or Inclusion


This article was originally posted on Pride’s Purge.

1 thought on “Toby Young – disabled children should be excluded from schools

  1. Here is a school which takes SEN children, the school became main stream for the disabled six years ago, it did not have a lift until this year, it has one entrance which is wheelchair friendly, so the school put all the disabled classrooms around that entrance, because half way down the hall are steps, all the up stairs classes are out of reach due to steps, so the children are now segregated where as in the old SEN school they could reach all parts of the school.

    Now they have a lift to the upper classrooms, but it only takes one pupil at a time and is very slow, so what they do is tell the disabled to come in early from playing to take the lift to be on time for class, equality for you.

    Yes this Tory is wrong in his view but is he wrong if schools are not totally available to the disabled, can schools afford it, do they have a reason when you can dump kids down stairs and segregate them.

    I have just had a phone call about my WCA medical which asked do you need wheelchair access, should not all WCA medical rooms be wheelchair access should they need to ask.

    See the problems with main stream education we are still seen as being different, so different we are not equal


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