So What’s Wrong with Academisation? 10 Myths and Facts to Disprove Them


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What’s Wrong with Academies? The policy of the break up of our Local Education Authorities, pitching schools against one another in an ultra-competitive environment has nothing to do with learning, nothing to do with improving standards, and everything to do … Continue reading

This is Undeniable Evidence that Academisation has Failed.


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Academisation is Failing – Now Evidence is Undeniable There is mounting evidence that Academisation is failing.  Recently the South Shore Academy in Blackpool was blasted by OFSTED as inadequate. This is sponsored by the Bright Futures Academy Chain. Schools are … Continue reading

Academy School blasted as inadequate by OFSTED Inspection. #NoAcademisation


The Blackpool Gazette reports on  the recent OFSTED inspection of an Academy School sponsored by Bright Futures Academy Chain. In a damning report, Ofsted rated South Shore Academy in St Annes Road, South Shore, as one of the most underperforming schools on … Continue reading

Gove Versus Reality


Michael Gove doesn’t need to listen to experts or tell the truth.  His aim is not to improve education.  His task is to parallel that of the reorganisation of the NHS .. the ultimate aim of both being to funnel … Continue reading

The Secrets of Finances of Academy Schools


The Secrecy of Finances of Academy Schools  From @Earwiggle Beneficiaries of Coalition policies are increasingly topical in the News, and recently we have heard of Cameron’s adviser Lynton Crosby’s involvement wiith the fracking industry and tobacco firms. When questioned, Cameron repeatedly … Continue reading

For the Benefit of the Conservative Party – “FOR SALE – Local Hospital and Schools “


For Sale – Hospitals and Schools  For the Benefit of the Conservative Party It is a testament to the Labour movement that ordinary people accept the norm that they have a right to education and free health care. Indeed, it … Continue reading

Gove’s Selective Truth. , Finland’s education success was because they BANNED private schools.


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At the very least, Michael Gove is selective with the truth. Deviously and deceptively he has pursued a campaign to demolish state education. (1) Ambitious for a five year parliament, he hopes the speed of his changes (2) will ensure … Continue reading