Naomi Klein on Capitalism and Climate Change

Naomi Klein on Capitalism and Climate Change interview with Bill Moyers

“Let’s rebuild by actually getting at the root causes. Let’s respond by aiming for an economy that responds to the crisis both [through] inequality and climate change,” Klein tells Bill. “You know, dream big.”

Full transcript at  Journalist Naomi Klein on Capitalism and Climate Change

Monday, 19 November 2012  By Bill MoyersMoyers & Company | Video

Nearly 200 governments have gathered in Doha, Qatar, for two weeks of talks aimed at forging an agreement on the climate. Governments have until 2015 to draw up a binding treaty, the first since the 1997 Kyoto protocol, to cut greenhouse gas emissions and avoid dangerous global warming.

In the past few weeks alone, authorities including the World Bank and the International Energy Agency have warned that the world is heading for unprecedented warming – of between 4C and 6C – if current trends are not reversed.

There is a view that the lack of urgency on climate change mitigation, is linked to Disaster Capitalism and Shock doctrine.  As Naomi Klein describes for Hurricane Katrina and Super-storm Sandy, the public’s disorientation following massive collective shocks – wars, terrorist attacks, or natural disasters — is used to achieve control by imposing economic shock therapy.  According to this plausible hypothesis, there are those who believe that it would be worth the resulting droughts, floods, heatwaves and fiercer storms, as well as declining agricultural productivity, plant and animal extinctions, and widespread human migration, in terms of profitability, and facilitating the sort of governance that they desire.

In the UK, we have our own, home-grown disaster capitalists.  We are told of the looming energy short-fall which necessitates building nuclear power stations and granting licenses for gas fracking.  In the name of ‘creating growth’, there are Beecroft proposals for removing employee protection, ‘no-fault dismissal’ and George Osborne’s plans for an “employee-owner” scheme.  The supposed necessity of reducing the so-called structural deficit provides the imperative for privatisation of the NHS and other public services, together with horrifying cuts in benefits to the disabled and chronically sick.  And at the same time George Osborne has reduced of corporation tax to 24%, thereby increasing the structural deficit.

The facts are that with current technology, 6 hours of sunlight falling on the world’s deserts could meet global energy needs for an entire year (Desertec).  The UK should be a net exporter of electricity with its natural resources of tidal current, wave, wind and solar. So why is George Osborne so opposed to renewable energy?  Follow the money!

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2 thoughts on “Naomi Klein on Capitalism and Climate Change

  1. Sue, great post! Naomi Klein’s video is brilliant, informative and inspiring, and everyone should watch it. The idea of the rich buying into five-star evacuation holidays from areas hit by climate caused disasters shows how their greed is so ingrained, their inability to think collectively. Time for a People’s shock, and action. Our politicians must start talking seriously about this. Renewable energy, commuity produced local electricity – why do we need big electricity companies anyway? Transport – this is where we can use subsidies which could make a big difference. Thanks for such an excellent post, which should be shared widely.


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