Let’s have Tony Benn’s Democratic Revolution. Now.

Let’s have Tony Benn’s Democratic Revolution. Now.

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The  most revolutionary idea is democracy. If you have power, you use it to meet the needs of your community. As Tony Benn explains here  “People who are poor, demoralised and frightened are easy to control.” This is how the very rich exert control – ensuing people are so downtrodden, so much ridden by debt, misery and pessimism, they have no desire to vote. “If the poor were to turn out and vote for people who represented their interests, that would be a real, democratic revolution.

The Capitalist idea of choice is a myth, if you are poor, you have no freedom to choose. A healthy, educated and confident nation is harder to govern. Disaster politics keeps people fearful.

Policies of the  Coalition government are widening the gap between rich and poor. Increasingly, high standards of education, and health provision are becoming  out of reach of ordinary working people.

To lift the spirits of working people, to give hope to those without work, the hungry, the homeless, and helpless, is the challenge to our political representatives. Ordinary working people who understand people’s needs, have empathy and the courage to change the system should be given a voice in parliament. If it is Labour who will be given that voice, they need to convince a demoralised, disillusioned electorate to use their votes and oust this awful government. The People’s party, the Labour party, should be giving a platform to ordinary men and women. Then people will come out and vote in their droves, and learn to believe in a better future, just like they did  in 1945.

Labour must show they have the courage to challenge the establishment, reject neoliberalism, and the system which is corrupt, selfish and greedy. We need to hear convincing policies  from Labour which reject austerity , and the deficit lies . Be brave, Labour. We need that democratic revolution now,  for all our sakes.

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10 thoughts on “Let’s have Tony Benn’s Democratic Revolution. Now.

  1. WOW, Pam this is already happening. There is a vast CENTRE COALITION forming in the UK. The 2015 election looks like it will be based on independent candidates. Representing peoples Interests more than PARTIES. British Senior Citizens Party said 18 months ago that the LIBDEMCON parties were finished. Since then we have seen the rise of UKIP and the start of the NHA Party. Now the UNIONS are planning to put many more independents into Westminster. The LABOUR PARTY is in danger of splitting. The MONEY REFORM Party is gaining a pace, and OUR PARTY (new as it is) is supporting Not only the Elderly but the SICK &DISABLED & their Carers.
    The unelected Nazi led Coalition has sparked the biggest political revolution UK has ever seen. Tony is right people have a new interest in Politics. Best Regards, Robin Macfarlane


  2. I hope Prometheus 1938 is right. Only when governments fear the people are we allowed anything approaching socialist ideology, as was the case in 1945. Governments of all colours support corporate power, capitalism, retaining the status quo, and their own ruling position within.


  3. Anyone who thinks UKIP will rise up are miles away, at the next election we will have three parties Tory who I think are ahead, Labour who will basically state it will do little or nothing and hope the people will be happy with that, and the Liberals.

    UKIP will hardly get an MP or will any of the other smaller parties simple put the first past the post suits these parties.

    In Wales the Welsh Assembly may go towards another hung government with Labour holding on, in Scotland the SNP will win and in England Labour has to become New Labour again to try and get the swing voters back.

    If UKIP get an MP I will be shocked.

    We are nowhere near people being attack hard enough yet to see a revolution.


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