In London, New York and Bangkok
Occupy is all the talk
London, New York and Belfast
Wall Street thought it wouldn’t last
The Politicians come and go
Yet we see the movement grow
These banker boys each sold their soul
Now Satan’s minion, is their role
With Ponzi schemes and pension fraud 
They’ve made the Euro, and the Dollar-god
These bankers crawl in self-made slime
Yet think, we see them, as sublime
When the starving masses rise
These idiots look up, in quaint surprise
As if they never, ever knew
Their devilish mix, their mammon brew
Would not bubble and burst, out of their hellish Ponzi pot
Where theft and graft, and greed were got
Right now the 99% do rise
And peacefully surprise
Obama, Blair, Cameron and cronies
Exposing them as Satan’s phonies
The British Bullshit Corporation  tell lies to the whole nation

We can vote X factors best
But starve our weans and damn the rest
We all believe that which we see
Cause it comes out the BBC
Yet it’s a hellish sewer
Shat in by Satan’s biggest whore
In her mouth she gobbles greed
Lies and deception, her biggest need
Then shits out war and poverty
Which then floats past for all to see
Along that sewer from the BBC
Where nothing is as it should be
There is One Truth, then there’s yours, then there’s mine
Until you starve, all things are fine
Till you’re against the wall
Then barriers will fall 
And you’ll begin to see
99% just aren’t free
And life and love is but a loss
Though you 1% should fear

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