OCCUPY In London, New York and Bangkok Occupy is all the talk London, New York and Belfast Wall Street thought it wouldn’t last The Politicians come and go Yet we see the movement grow These banker boys each sold their … Continue reading

Bankers + Tax Havens = Lower wages, benefits and pensions


This video clip of the ‘looting of America’ exposes the same type of looting that is occurring in the UK.  In fact, it is generally accepted that the City of London is an even more criminogenic environment than Wall Street.  Banks that are … Continue reading

Neil Barofsky: How Washington Saved Wall Street and Abandoned Main Street


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Fascinating (and not in a good way) insight into the priorities of the US treasury.  The mindset according to Neil Barofsky was entirely focused on saving the banks and not at all on the ‘little people’. The government’s special inspector … Continue reading