Dear Mr Gove by Jess Green

Superb on every level – 5 minutes you won’t regret.


Written and performed by poet Jess Green.
Part of her first full length show, currently in development for Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014.
twitter: @greenellenjess

Film made by Nathan Human

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6 thoughts on “Dear Mr Gove by Jess Green

  1. Brilliant!
    Hollie Mc Nish & Jess Green, setting my ears & mind on fire, i need to spread, all who teach & inspire, the rabid wild fire, of truth.


  2. Reblogged this on Internet Saviours and commented:
    I just want to take the time out to appreciate this poet. I am not a fan of poetry, not in the slightest however, this…well this is just powerful. Okay, this has no relevence to grammar but she is right. Mr Gove just needs to take a step back and understand the bigger picture. I’m a fourteen year old school girl, who stumbled across this, yet I find peace in everything she says, knowing that someone understands how I feel, and can portray it in such a way that is frankly moving. This woman, deserves so much respect and has truly earnt mine in five minutes.


    • Great comment – very clear and perceptive. Teachers really have their backs against the wall and deserve our wholehearted support, in their efforts to do a good job for their pupils, in spite of this education-wrecking government.


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