Gove Versus Reality

Michael Gove doesn’t need to listen to experts or tell the truth.  His aim is not to improve education.  His task is to parallel that of the reorganisation of the NHS .. the ultimate aim of both being to funnel public funds, straight into the pockets of the private sector.  By creating chaos and debilitating State education/NHS, he/they hope to persuade the general public (without triggering a revolution) that the profit-making private sector must be brought in to rescue the system.  Assets like school buildings, playing fields, hospitals are silently taken away from public control and handed over to unelected and unaccountable bodies.  This is a return to the days of primary accumulation, or as Marx preferred to call it, Looting!

Gove Versus Reality

Gove Versus Reality looks at the policies pursued by Michael Gove for his radical and draconian transformation of the English education system challenging his assumptions and the evidence he advances to support his approach.



5 thoughts on “Gove Versus Reality

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  3. Surely the revolution has already started. The ‘Silent Revolution’! Many people are now aware of the confidence trickery of the ruling elite, but there are still a whole section of the public who are unable to comprehend, or are too apathetic to care. Those who can must continue to spread the words of enlightenment to all the victims, and wake the other sleepers out of their trance of complacency!


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