A party divided by ?

What exactly is it that the 4.5% MPs* disagree with Jeremy Corbyn about?   I mean which of his domestic policies?   I have to say that for all their daily media attacks, I’m still none the wiser but I defy them to disagree in principal with Jeremy Corbyn’s speech… otherwise, why on earth did they join the LP and not the Conservatives?


Liverpool July 2015

(What’s more Jeremy Corbyn is the sort of human being who’ll retweet about a missing cat)

4.5% MPs refers to those MPs who supported Liz Kendall’s candidature for the leadership – 4.5% is the % of the membership who voted for her.

4 thoughts on “A party divided by ?

  1. The General Public are not enamoured by Jeremy. We are 15 points behind in the opinion polls and Jeremy’s personal ratings are very low. We are also beginning to meet hostility to him on the doorstep.


    • I don’t know if you have read Anthony Wells’, the YouGov commentator, assessment of the Com Res polling. Opinion polling is in a state of flux currently following their GE debacle. However, it is concerning that there is hostility on the doorstep but perhaps not surprising in view of the constant attacks in the media. He hasn’t even been in place for 100 days and the Tories are facing a number of troubles ahead. I’m not giving up hope just yet 🙂



  2. Did you see George Galloway on ThisWeek? Supreme egotist of course, but without doubt a man of the left who gave a demonstration of a clear, grounded and appropriate response to Paris. No philosophising (however well-baked), no equivocation, no qualifications. It’s a problem of personality.


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