A party divided by ?


What exactly is it that the 4.5% MPs* disagree with Jeremy Corbyn about?   I mean which of his domestic policies?   I have to say that for all their daily media attacks, I’m still none the wiser but I … Continue reading

The FT, Hedgehogs and the scale of the crisis


First posted Wednesday, 29 May 2013 on Socialist Economic Bulletin The FT, hedgehogs and the scale of the crisis By Michael Burke In analysis of any issue it is crucial to distinguish between factors that are of primary or decisive importance … Continue reading

Robert Reich on the UK Economy

The debt and the deficit are reflections of the failing economy.  They are not the cause of the jobs and living standards crisis. We need to stop self-harming with ‘austerity’.


Published on May 17, 2013

Professor Robert Reich talks about what’s wrong with austerity and the current direction for the UK economy. Part of the After Austerity series from the TUC: http://www.afterausterity.org.uk

Why do the Lib Dems stay in the coalition?


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Why the LDs are not desperate (regardless of electoral prospects) to get out of the Coalition mystifies me … that is, it mystifies me for all those who are not Orange bookers and/or not the chosen few who enjoy a … Continue reading