Corbyn’s excellent unreported Speech

Yet again, there has been an almost total lack of reporting on Jeremy Corbyn’s response to this most slippery of rightwing governments.   Yet again, only the Morning Star has fulfilled the role of the media.  Yet again, for the rest (and don’t mention Labour List!) the only aspects of interest were:

Jeremy Corbyn refusing to chat to Cameron en route to the House of Lords (they said how silly and rude – what?)

Jeremy Corbyn refusing to take interventions in his ’41 minute speech’ (actually 29 minutes and another Cameron ‘mispeak’)

Jeremy Corbyn being drowned out by non-stop Tory yelling (they said JC should have allowed interventions – why?)

This is not journalism.  It is trivialisation of the highest order given the seriousness of this government’s policies and intents.  Democracy requires accountability.  We get none from this Conservative Government and our mainstream media colludes in ignoring its own responsibility to report the words and policies of Jeremy Corbyn’s opposition LP.


Fortunately, RT has filled a gap by allowing us to hear Corbyn’s speech in its entirety (and to feel the disgust at the behaviour of the Tory MPs – how would anyone know that its the speaker’s role intervene).

The Morning Star’s report can be read here:

‘… Mr Corbyn said the government’s vague promises will do nothing to “create a more equal society, an economy that works for everyone and a society in which there is opportunity for all.

“Still this government does not seem to understand that cuts have their consequences,” he blasted.

“This austerity is a political choice, not an economic necessity, and it’s a wrong choice for our country made by a government with the wrong priorities — and it’s women that have been hit hardest by these cuts.”


20 thoughts on “Corbyn’s excellent unreported Speech

  1. Why do the TORIES act like little children when somebody else is trying to teach them something about democracy. Just a load of silly little turds.

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    • It was a Labour Party under the leadership of Tony Blair, a Tory in a red tie! He took the Labour party so far to the right that it became attractive to Tory voters and that is why he won so decisively more than once. However, people started to see through him and that is why we now have a Tory government again. Had Blair kept to true Labour values the Tories would have sunk without trace by now! Corbyn has shown that Blairite policies and Blairite followers have no place in the Labour party any more!


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  3. Thank you, Jeremy Corbyn, for the persistent courage and determination in facing the abhorrent, grotesque inversion of humanity staring at you from the Government benches. The behaviour of the average Tory MP would not be out place around a Palaeolithic midden.


  4. A junior school classroom would not be permitted to act this way, tell Nicky Morgan. A board of business delegates would not conduct their agenda in such a way. The speaker HAS HAS HAS to conduct order once the speaker is at the dispatch box.
    This house is a shame on the political bodies of this country.mthe actions of derision by the PM, treating the leader of e opposition as if he were an ‘oik’ a bug to be crushed under his foot is a way of diversion from the question/statement and actually amount to bullying. Anti bullying applies everywhere, why not in parliament.
    I demand the speaker of the house be made to control order.


  5. Well done Jeremy Corbyn, not being side-tracked by the Tory arrogant barracking learnt at public school. They might think scoring childish debating points is clever, but people are not stupid, and it’s policies relevant to people’s lives which in the long-term win votes. Stick to you guns and politely ignore the baying of the right-wing press, more than compensated by a growing groundswell on social media delighted a leader of honesty and principle has at last emerged.


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