Free Speech – Preserving the right to express and share opinions


We share these concerns expressed, of information of individual members being suspended, for what would seem to be expressing personal opinions, or sharing others, and look upon the Labour Party to preserve the right of free expression.  Please see below … Continue reading

Manifest Thought – The alarm bells for social media


Manifest Thought First posted on November 18, 2012 by  julijuxtaposed   With Rights come responsibilities. Obviously. Free speech is the free expression of thought, or repetition of another’s thoughts. But the right to speak freely is not cost-free. The right and responsibility of selective … Continue reading

The Truth? – Censored! – Understanding our World:


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Understanding our World: The Media, Education and Censorship. By Pam: I read today about a blind, cave dwelling fish. Apparently, after two million years of living in dark caves, it has lost its ability to see, yet still is influenced … Continue reading