Corbyn will be neutral in EU stance, just as Harold Wilson was in 1975


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Jeremy Corbyn, just like Harold Wilson did , as PM, will not show his personal preference on EU withdrawal and Corbyn will be neutral because it will be the people’s choice, once we know what the details of options we … Continue reading

Left-Leavers and Left-Remainers need to unite and kick out Johnson and his awful deal.


The Tories have successfully used their propaganda machine to create a nation so divided it is on the brink of civil war. I cannot remember a time when our nation has been so divided. The British and European affair began as long … Continue reading

The Changing Face of Europe – As Greece says NO, what will we say?


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The Changing Face of Europe – and The World Socialists differ from nationalists in that their concern for the welfare of others is not confined to arbitrary boundaries of nations and states. In modern times, as transport and technology has … Continue reading