Corporate Benefit Scroungers – like Amazon have brought our country to its knees.


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In the US, Amazon will pay zero tax on $11.2BN dollars in profit for 2018 .  In the UK in 2018 Amazon corporation tax  halved despite tripling of profits in the UK. While Amazon and firms like them, make billions from … Continue reading

Austerity is a Political Choice not Economic Necessity


zaBy Prue Plumridge Last week Matthew Lyn (a columnist for Bloomberg) wrote in an article published in Money Week that, “the policies on offer under Corbynomics would quickly ruin the economy”. This was followed shortly afterwards with another written by no less … Continue reading

The hidden welfare state


The UK has two welfare states.  There is one that is reported and endlessly discussed, and another, which is rarely mentioned.  Whilst the first is suffering enormous cuts under the Tory/LD coalition, the other just keeps expanding. Comedian, author and … Continue reading