Corbyn Danger? Danger for Whom?


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The “Corbyn Danger”: Danger for Whom? Originally published  by John Weeks on Piera @johnweeks41 Fear & Loathing on the Campaign Trail  Hunter Thompson chose the title above for his book relating his eccentric take on the 1972 US presidential election. … Continue reading

Has Austerity led to a Recovery? (Hint: No)


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Did austerity lead to recovery? No, GDP was increased by government spending By Michael Burke First posted on Socialist Economic Bulletin 9th September 2013 The government and its supporters have been quick to claim that the most recent GDP data … Continue reading

IDS, benefit cuts and making work pay.


I agree with Zoe Williams when she writes about the Tories: … the true division of the Conservative party – the ones who are mistaken versus those who are wrong deliberately. Some of them are simply out of their depth, … Continue reading

Labour’s deficit problem.


By alittleecon First posted on October 2, 2012 by alittleecon You may have seen lots of posts with titles like the one above, talking about Labour’s deficit dilemma.  How can they restore the trust of the British people?  How can they set a … Continue reading