Bedroom Tax Song: You Cannae Have A Spare Room in a Pokey Cooncil Flat


Bedroom Tax Song: You Cannae Have A Spare Room in a Pokey Cooncil Flat

Published on Mar 27, 2013

A song about the Bedroom Tax, written for the demos all over the UK on Saturday 30th March, 2013, the Glasgow one in particular. Set to the tune of 1960’s folk song “The Jeely Piece Song”, by Scottish singer-songwriter Adam McNaugton.


I’m a welfare state wean, we live on the bottom flair
But we’re no allowed to even live there any mair.
They say we’ve got too many rooms, in our social rented flat
We’ve an eight by ten foot boxroom where you cannae swing a cat

Oh ye canna have a spare room in a pokey cooncil flat
Ian Duncan Smith and Co have put an end tae that
They say “live in a smaller house”, they say that is their plan
When the odds against you finding one are ninety-nine to one

Noo ma auntie’s in a wheelchair, but these Tories dinna care
They say they have a deficit, she got to pay her share
£60 a month they’ll take, then leave her tae her fate
Whilst gieing millionaires a tax cut, cause they say they’re due a break

Noo that Buckingham Palace looks a pretty roomy gaff
And the ludger there gets benefits at rates that make me laugh
A civil list, plus tax perks, near ninety million pounds
With her other dozen mansions lying empty a’ year round

Noo those MPs doon in Westminster must think that we’re ‘a dense
Wi their second home apartments, where the public pays their rent
They’re even get a food allowance, two hundred quid a week
But they’re claiming we’re the scroungers, is their arse up in their cheeks?

So we’ve formed a Federation and we’re gonna have our say
The Bedroom Tax it has to go, and we ain’t gonna pay
We’re gonna march on London tae demand our civil rights
Like nae mair Tories and their Liberal shite

Why didn’t the disabled protestors get more media coverage?


Report by George Topping

Last Saturday I went on the TUC demo. I saw Sue Marsh speak but as I have trouble standing I made my way home before EM spoke – I am told I didn’t miss much. However, as I approached Park Lane there was a demo whereby DPAC protestors in wheelchairs, chained themselves, blocking Park Lane. The police had a meeting, more police turned up, had another meeting and then still more police and so on. They then spoke to protestors then had another meeting. After about 90 minutes the police started turning around the Rolls Royces and buses which was not easy task. It was wonderful to see the disabled winning. However, I expected to see the press full of it but sadly nothing.

DPAC protestors shut Park Lane, 20 October 2012

As we then walked down Oxford Street there was another mini-demonstration of young people. It was peaceful but loud as our youth are angry as they have been robbed of their futures. However, it was interesting to see that there were around a dozen police protecting Starbucks. What is even more interesting is that they pay no tax … the tax which pays for the police!

Think Left found plenty of references to the demonstration on line… most notably The Black Triangle Campaign website but no mainstream media coverage other than this short piece on 24 hour news, which was also on the Black Triangle Campaign site.

BBC News – DPAC interviewed about cuts #oct20

BBC News interview with Rob Murthwaite from DPAC on Saturday 20th October 2012

So why so little coverage?  The usual explanation is that ‘the march was a modest success but without a broken window or dynamic photo it was always going to be ignored by most mainstream media.’

But then it becomes clear (hat tip – Black Triangle Campaign) that Russia Today filmed hundreds of protesters who broke away from the TUC rally in London on Saturday, and for two hours attempted to storm various multi-national companies on Oxford Street, in the West End central shopping district.

‘No Cuts!’ Video of UK police clashing with anti-austerity protesters

Published on Oct 20, 2012 by 

In other words, a hugely successful protest, with wheelchairs chained together, stopping the traffic on Park Lane barely made it into the news.  Rob Murthwaite’s horrifying point that 32 people a week dying after wrong ESA decisions (recent reports now put it at 73) was not taken up in his BBC interview…  And a two hour demonstration for tax justice on the most famous shopping street in London was ignored by the UK’s mainstream media! Clearly, the photos were not ‘dynamic enough’!

Furthermore, it should be said that the tens of thousands of demonstrators who took to the streets of Central London in support of the protest, organised by the TUC (Trades Union Congress) did not get very much coverage either.

This is a good example of the subtle but profound ways in which the media influence and manipulate the public’s perception of reality as described by Michael Parenti in ‘Inventing Reality – The Politics of the News Media’.  Specifically, Parenti attacks the widely held belief that the news media are controlled by liberals and liberal opinion.  Although, he is clearly referring to the American media, the analysis is equally applicable in the UK.  Importantly, Parenti perceives the news media to be a controlling institution of the capitalist system, an institution that serves the interests of the rich and powerful while appearing to serve the many.  

Hence, the October 20th protests, which certainly did not ‘serve the interests of the rich and powerful‘, received scant attention from the mainstream media… but as John Dyer says, we must ‘press on’ because ‘However much they want you to think they don’t care what you think, they do.‘