Air privatisation? – An idea from 100 years ago.


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From @Earwiggle  We sometimes take for granted the air we breathe, the water we drink, the earth we walk on. They were all there before us – how can anyone claim ownership? They can because we allow the capitalist system to … Continue reading

Why Barclays and Co “can’t get no satisfaction” from food speculation.


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For real contentment, basic needs need to be met. The obvious basic needs are food, water, shelter, warmth, and social contact with other human beings. There should be enough of all of this for every one of the seven billion … Continue reading

Big finance and the great sell-off of ‘our’ natural assets.


Last year, Zygmunt Bauman, the Polish Sociologist, wrote of Capitalism:  “In the face of financial crisis, any hope that the parasite will die when it runs out of food is in vain…. I suspect that one of capitalism’s crucial assets … Continue reading