Dialogue with an Anti-Corbyn Labour supporter


(Published now, rather than when it was written because it lost relevance when…  given the convenient coincidence of Article 50 and two tricky by-elections…. a second coup looked all too likely.  This threat has fizzled out for the moment, although another … Continue reading

John McDonnell at The Peoples Assembly Against Austerity


Targets should be to tackle homelessness, food banks, joblessness, withdrawal of social care, climate change not GDP which just measures how much wealth has moved to the top.   John McDonnell MP Shadow Chancellor The Peoples Assembly Against Austerity 05 … Continue reading

Building a Movement from Below: The People’s Assembly


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The People’s Assembly: Building from Below: What does this really mean? What are the Implications? Where does Labour Stand? By Luke Cooper on this Saturday’s People’s Assembly Against Austerity previously published here: The People’s Assembly The People’s Assembly has resulted in a considerable bout … Continue reading

New Labour excluded the parliamentary left in a ‘sealed tomb’.


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There is a strong argument that Tony Blair and New Labour are culpable for allowing this ‘economy and welfare-wrecking’ government to be in power.  Not only did Tony Blair leave the ‘door open’ for much of the Tory/LD legislation to … Continue reading