Is the West backing a Gangster State in Ukraine?


What the hell is happening in Ukraine?  Where’s the reporting of the frightening developments described in the video clip below?  Contrast these quotes from the clip with the relative complacency of most MSM reports:

Leading intelligence author William Engdahl’s investigated post-coup Ukraine (and) finds what’s happened is “so astonishing as almost to defy belief”.

Ukraine’s new coalition calls officially for “pre-emptive nuclear strikes”.

Pensions halved to $3 a day, heating costs doubled, forced sell-off of the country’s land and resources – all part of IMF “knee-breakers” imposed round the world, now in Ukraine.

Kolomoysky has his own private army, and set up the Azov Battalion of openly Nazi mercenaries, which London’s Sunday Times admits is behind the bloodshed that has caused revulsion among the population.

In another leaked call an official reveals Kolomoysky’s also behind the Odessa massacre, the deadliest attack so far in Ukraine’s civil war, where he paid Nazis from the infamous Right Sektor Party that burnt, slaughtered and strangled dozens of civilians to death, including elderly women.

Leaked conversation between Deputy Nestor Shufrich and Fatherland leader Yulia Timoshenko:
Shufrich: What shall we do with the eight million Russian(-speakers) in Ukraine?
Timoshenko: Kill them with nuclear weapons.

The neo-Nazis are paying regular reconnaissance visits to nuclear power stations, with obvious intent to hold the whole world hostage. They have paid visits to bacteriological laboratories and, according to the people working there, got hold of bacteriological material that can be used for biological warfare. Other terrorists have merely been dreaming of such weapons – Ukrainian ones, with the connivance of or on direct orders from someone in the junta, may actually use them.

Governments are now voicing concern that Kiev may be violating the international Missile Technology Control treaty, and the Hague Code of Conduct against Ballistic Missile Proliferation.

Intelligence author William Engdahl ‘… tiny power cabal that have so much power in Washington, they want not only a new cold war, they want a new hot war.’


Michael Hudson speculates that ‘This could well be another test on how far things can be pushed, building on Latvia.’ He assesses the current situation:

There was a Chilean-type military coup d’etat there. The people of Ukraine do not sign off on the IMF IOUs and sign the transfer of property. The coup d’etat leaders in Kiev signed up and what do they want? Their aim is not to help Ukraine, their aim is to get rich for themselves and to move as much of their money into London, New York and other centers as they can.

But in addition to the profiteering, Andrew Korybko writes that full-fledged ethnic and cultural ‘cleansing’ of the Donbass region is intended.

This flagrant violation of fundamental human rights is being absolutely ignored by Western governments, which are usually the first actors to prematurely blow the whistle on any suspected human rights violations and threaten military intervention. It is now seen that the human intervention/responsibility to protect (HI/R2P) rhetoric and slogans were nothing more than charades to pursue ulterior geopolitical purposes. In fact, contrary to their established HI/R2P “credentials”, the West, particularly the US, is actually aiding and abetting the Kievan regime that plans to carry out the cleansing [5]. Military advisors, millions in funds, and CIA and FBI support have flooded into Ukraine since the coup, and more than likely, they will all be directed eastwards towards violently suppressing the federalist protesters [6]. In this manner, the US is directly complicit in any and all war crimes that Kiev’s conventional or mercenary forces carry out, up to and including Koval’s ethnic and cultural cleansing plans. Thus, the six million people of Donbass are faced with the same type of humanitarian disaster that was thought to have been forever vanquished from Europe almost 70 years ago.



Top Five Ukraine Stories a Western Mainstream Media “Fail”

If you live to the west of Russia’s borders, what you see and hear from embattled Ukraine is not the whole story. And without the whole story, your version of truth turns out to be a lie. Below are some graphic stories that are necessary to share, if only to show the Donetsk independence movement side of a civil war brought on by major powers’ failure to compromise. Kiev’s new government has apparently been given a credit card to invoke a genocide of collateral damage.

The final story in the Butler piece is repeated in the video clip below.  It is a street interview by Graham Phillips with a woman in Lugansk and speaks for itself of the desperation of ordinary Ukrainians caught up in this terrifying mess.

40 years on Allende’s murder is still significant


The global community continues to experience the direct consequences of the overthrow of the democratically elected President of Chile, Salvador Allende on 9/11/1973.  With the torture and deaths of 30+k people, Chile was turned into a real-world economic experiment, implementing Chicago-style monetary plans, now known as TINA (there is no alternative) or the Washington consensus.

Neoliberals call Chile’s 1974-90 period a miracle, but it is best seen as what should have been a warning against imposing similar policies in other countries. Under what became known as the Washington Consensus the economy was subjected to totalitarian libertarian doctrine. Public enterprises were given away to the junta’s supporters with virtually no money down. The result was mass bankruptcy, economic collapse, and a polarization of wealth and political power that transformed the country that had been one of Latin America’s most stable middle-class democracies.


Fortunately, Mrs Thatcher’s determination to repeat the same policies in the UK, stopped short of imposing monetarism through a military dictatorship (although I’m not sure that the miners thought that she eschewed violence).  Instead, we have had the same measures of privatisation, financialisation, and pensions capitalism delivered by stealth in small increments over the last 30 years.  The strategy is starve the public services of funding, introduce competition and when the service is failing, privatise with the mythologies of efficiency and cheapness.  The coalition government is justifying rushing through many of the end-game plans of Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet using Shock doctrine/Disaster capitalism.  In other words, on the basis of a global banking crisis that Margaret Thatcher’s Big Bang deregulation of the financial sector made inevitable.

[E}fforts to turn Salvador Allende’s death into a martyrdom for democratic socialism obscure the most important legacy of the coup. Not only did it give rise to one of the twentieth century’s most violently repressive regimes, it inspired subsequent financial dictatorships to use privatization schemes to consolidate their power.


It is now well established that the CIA were involved in the Chilean coup which resulted in the brutal dictatorship of  Margaret Thatcher’s friend, General Pinochet.

Michael Hudson explains why the US were pivotally involved:

What seems to have upset Mr. Kissinger was the fact that socialism came to power through democratic election. It was a basic axiom of right-wing “free market” philosophy that socialism could only take over by dictatorship. Allende’s victory showed this premise to be wrong. So a theory of society and doctrine of the global future was being threatened.

A second axiom was that socialist planning could not provide a prosperous economic environment, and especially that prosperity could not be gained by breaking away from what now is called the Washington Consensus. Under Allende, Chile sustained a hefty 8.9 percent increase in its GNP and at first succeeded in reducing the country’s inflation rate. During his nearly three years in office he gained support by providing the poor with better access to housing, education, food and health care than previously.

Kissinger felt that the United States needed to show that socialism was bound to fail economically. Rather than leaving this to the “free market,” America used the famous “invisible hand” ­ not Adam Smith’s invisible hand of free enterprise, but the covert hand of CIA destabilization.

One remaining problem had to be countered. That was the threat that Chile’s army might obey its constitution and promote the country’s independence rather than favoring U.S. policies. The leading Chilean general was a constitutionalist who believed that the army should stay out of politics. He had to be murdered in order to replace him with a more U.S.-oriented general, who turned out to be Augusto Pinochet ­who quickly became an acolyte of the Chicago Boys. 

This has shades of US’s involvement across the globe, and does not augur well for the democratic removal of neoliberalism.

The following video clip is a 2002 response from Chile to the US following the other 9/11 – the attack on the Twin towers – and speaks  eloquently about the horrors of what was unleashed for the benefit of the US-backed oligarchy.

9-11-1973: Chile coup

Government Debt and Deficits Are Not the Problem – Private Debt Is

Government Debt and Deficits Are Not the Problem – Private Debt Is

Published on Mar 24, 2013

Michael Hudson: Why do they call for governments to balance the budget by pushing the economy at large deeper into debt, while trying to save the banks from taking a loss?

Why do they need lobbyists when they’ve price fixing and debt deflation?

Massive bonuses being paid at the top of the financial sector and massive donations are being made to the Conservatives by the financial sector.  The global markets are rigged, with credit/low interest rates ensuring that the redistribution of wealth flows steadily upward and offshore. Max Keiser, Stacy Herbert and Michael Hudson explain:

Keiser Report: Whimsical Price Tyranny (E446)

Published on May 18, 2013

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert examine stories about those who, using spoof trades, bogus securities and fictitious capital, steal real wealth and income. They discuss how it is that every benchmark index is rigged and introduce the concept of the ‘bonus benchmark.’ In the second half, Max talks to Dr. Michael Hudson, author of The Bubble and Beyond, about debt and wage deflation and about the intersection of interest rates and wages going back to David Ricardo when wages were measured against the price of bread to today when they are measured against the price of debt.

Why do the 1% need lobbyists?  Because, in the absence of regulation, the impetus for capitalism is rampant exploitation to exhaustion, in the relentless accumulation of wealth.  Like over-parasitism, the 1% are killing the hosts that feed them.