Welfare cuts won’t work, they’ll just make things worse


First posted on February 2, 2013 by alittleecon Welfare cuts won’t work, they’ll just make things worse  by alittleecon Cuts to welfare spending seem to be in the headlines daily nowadays.  Every time a bad bit of economic news is announced (which is often), the … Continue reading

The Fiscal Cliff is just another disaster-politics scam in action


Professors Michael Hudson, James K Galbraith and Bill Black variously describe the so-called ‘fiscal cliff’ as a scam, a Trojan and disaster politics. They contend that Obama has deliberately contrived this so-called crisis to ‘discipline’ the Democrats into voting for … Continue reading

How can pay rise be unfair when mega-rich get tax cut?


In reaction to a letter in the local press, COUN JIM GRUNDY (Lab),  Hucknall member of Ashfield District Council replied: I was saddened, if not surprised, by Mr P’s response last week, to the news that Ashfield District Council had … Continue reading

Why does the Structural Deficit remind me of LIBOR?


(I know this might sound rather boring but the facts are actually a bit incredible…) The London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) is a benchmark interest rate used broadly all over the world and affects trillions of dollars of loans worldwide – mortgage … Continue reading

Has George Osborne been taking Trans-Atlantic lessons from Jude Wanniski and the Republicans?


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Many commentators have been puzzled by George Osborne’s management of the economy…  Others share cartoonist Martin Rowson’s assumption that this is a ‘wrecking’ government implementing ‘scorched earth policies’  (see ‘anti-cuts protest’s ‘hooligan’ minority’) (1) ‘What is George Osborne playing at?’ … Continue reading

Is George Osborne the UK’s equivalent of tea-party hero Paul Ryan?


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Mitt Romney today announced Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate.   The global dominance of the US means that the candidates for this year’s presidential elections are of great importance for the rest of the world .. but … Continue reading