Leo Panitch’s view of Jeremy Corbyn as a National Threat


David Cameron Says Jeremy Corbyn is a National Threat   TheRealNews Published on Sep 15, 2015 Informed commentary from Canada – Prof. Leo Panitch (Distinguished Research Professor of Political Science and Canada Research Chair in Comparative Political Economy at York University) says Jeremy Corbyn is a principled opponent of … Continue reading

Government Debt and Deficits Are Not the Problem – Private Debt Is

Government Debt and Deficits Are Not the Problem – Private Debt Is

Published on Mar 24, 2013

Michael Hudson: Why do they call for governments to balance the budget by pushing the economy at large deeper into debt, while trying to save the banks from taking a loss?

‘Manufacturing Consent’


Currently, there are at least two shocking news stories which have been little represented on the BBC or in the national MSM.  One is the decision of two health trusts in Northern Ireland to entirely stop providing statutory residential care … Continue reading

Major Banks Help Clients like Romney Hide Trillions in Offshore Tax Havens


Forget the 47 percent. Foreign tax havens—and investment vehicles like those the GOP candidate established at Bain Capital—are robbing world treasuries of billions. Major Banks Help Clients Hide Trillions in Offshore Tax Havens Published on Aug 3, 2012 by TheRealNews James Henry of … Continue reading