Policy Making through a Public Prism


Policy Making through a Public Prism  By Tony Stoller In this lecture, Tony Stoller, Chair of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust, considers the relationship between popular discourse and policy-making. Drawing upon recent examples from a … Continue reading

Parliament of the People


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Parliament of the People? Every day we hear stories of anger and despair, people destitute, dying, as a result of governments refusing to address the ever widening rift between the rich, and the rest of us, with the numbers falling … Continue reading

Plutonomy – Invasion of the Political Body Snatchers.


I want to pitch an idea for a contemporary science fiction film… the lead, called F, investigates the dark world of politics, wealth and manipulation of the economy in a small country called Brittania (B). The first thing that intrigues … Continue reading

The Lost Democracy and the role of think-tanks.


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The Lost Democracy Do party conferences feed policy or polls? The role of think-tanks. Q: What can you say to a young couple who can’t afford a home to rent or buy? A: “This Think Tank (1) thought it would … Continue reading

The Pfink tank: pharmaceutical industry’s role in promoting laissez faire capitalism


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Contributed By James Astor Think drug companies are dominated with scientists pushing each other to find the next cure? Think drug companies have little to do with the unfounded narrative that the welfare state is unaffordable? Think again. Through think … Continue reading