Parliament of the People


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Parliament of the People? Every day we hear stories of anger and despair, people destitute, dying, as a result of governments refusing to address the ever widening rift between the rich, and the rest of us, with the numbers falling … Continue reading

Omnishambles, Petulance OR Sheer Disregard?


Omnishambles, Petulance OR Sheer Disregard By Jayne Linney With so many media articles and accounts about what the current Government is getting wrong, I can’t help but wonder if the Cabinet are guilty. Not only guilty as charged for their mistakes, … Continue reading

Dear David Cameron .. “The Great Lie”


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Letter written to David Cameron by Keith Ordinary Guy. Keith’s campaign featured on his blog is a series of letters to David Cameron, and Keith writes a letter every single day. Thursday 01 November 2012. The Great Lie. Dear Mr. … Continue reading