Redcar steelworkers pay UK tax. Chinese Steelworkers don’t.


Redcar steelworkers pay UK tax. Chinese Steelworkers don’t. By Peter Martin Twitter: @petermartin52 An economic and political discussion usually and rather quickly gets around to a discussion on “the deficit”. Of course what everyone means is the Government’s deficit rather than … Continue reading

Corbynomics is the antidote to Speculation and Bubbles


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Corbynomics and Crashes: Investment versus Speculation By Michael Burke First posted 2nd September 2015 Words matter. But in economic discussion as elsewhere they are frequently abused. In economic commentary one of the most frequent falsehoods is to describe speculative activity … Continue reading

Telegraph Tosh on Economics


Steven Hail’s point by point response to the Daily Telegraph Article by Jeremy Warner  which suggested the Jeremy Corbyn’s economic plans will turn us into Zimbabwe. “Did you see that awful newspaper tosh – I think it was in The … Continue reading

Margaret Thatcher’s Biscuit Tin – and Austerity


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Margaret Thatcher’s Biscuit Tin and the Austerity Scare From Pam Field and Syzygysue The Austerity Scare is the greatest myth, by which the rich have deprived others of their basic needs of survival (Maslow), by some argument that those are unaffordable. … Continue reading

Countering the Attack on Corbynomics


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The counter-attack on Corbynomics From Michael Burke Published on Socialist Economic Bulletin The economic policies of Jeremy Corbyn have come under widespread criticism.  This exceeds the level of scrutiny of his policies; many of his critics do not seem to … Continue reading

Why a vote for Corbyn is a vote for electability


Why a Vote for Corbyn is a Vote for Electability From Neil Schofield, Previously published here Three days before the 1983 election, I attended a rally in Oxford Town Hall. It was in the days when it was still possible … Continue reading

The Motives behind Corbynomics – Tax Research UK


The Motives behind Corbynomics As seen by Economist Richard J Murphy, of Tax Research UK, Previously published here I had this article in the Islington Tribune (Jeremy Corbyn’s local paper) whilst taking a couple of days off: RATHER like Jeremy … Continue reading