Grangemouth and the EU/WTO


Grangemouth and the EU/WTO By Syzygysue Also published here  on Politics and Parasites The dispute at Grangemouth is the old trick of provoking industrial action – then holding the workforce to ransom by threatening their jobs unless they agree to the draconian … Continue reading

What type of jobs could the government create?


aWhat type of jobs could the government create? By alittlecon @alittleecon Read a bit of nonsense this morning from the so-called ‘Taxpayer’s Alliance’ about how ‘work for dole’ programmes should be expanded to save money. The effectiveness of this as a policy rest upon … Continue reading

What Price Failure?


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We assess the comfort of restaurants and hotels with stars. We measure temperature in degrees Celsius, or in degrees Kelvin. All of these measurements are arbitrary. How do we measure children? Do we measure them by their foot size, their … Continue reading