“Free Trade” Treaties are for Big Corporations, not for us.


The consequence of agreements such as the TPP and EU/US treaties, being presented as facilitators of free trade is now becoming clear – as exposed recently by Wikileaks.  Are we already in the post democratic era?  The idea that global … Continue reading

Are we already in the post-democratic era?


Is TPP the post-democracy blue-print for the EU-US Free Trade Agreement?  The implications are outlined. Before Christmas, I was alarmed to hear Nick Clegg and then David Cameron ‘rather too casually’ mention their support for an EU-US Free Trade Agreement … Continue reading

A Neofeudalist Fantasy inspired by Bilderberg 2012


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The Bilderberg phenomenon is often dismissed as a ‘conspiracy fantasist’s dream.  However, there is no doubt that there is an annual three-day conference attended by members of the global aristocracy, global leaders of industry and politicians (including US presidential candidates) from … Continue reading

Transnational Corporations have not ‘let a good crisis go to waste’.


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There was precious little debate in the House of Commons, let alone in the country, prior to the Major government signing up to the 8th round of the GATT (General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs) treaty in Uruguay in 1994.  … Continue reading