Terrorism, Globalization and Conspiracy – Michael Parenti


aMichael Parenti speaking in 2002 but he might as well be speaking now…. and he is well worth hearing now!  An hour of your life to understand the links between Capitalism, Poverty, the Trade Deals, Globalisation, Debt, the fall of … Continue reading

Tony Benn never doubted the Labour movement


It is a sadness that Tony Benn did not live to see the landslide election of Jeremy Corbyn but he never doubted that it could, and would happen… as he makes clear at the end of this speech in the video clip above.

It is very fitting that Jeremy Corbyn should be elected on the anniversary of Allende’s death in Chile.  Pinochet’s dictatorship has acted as a template for the neoliberal ascendancy in the western world, and let us hope that the overwhelming support for Jeremy’s leadership signals the beginning of a ‘domino’ effect for left parties across Europe, and the world in general.  It is fear of this sort of popular rejection of neoliberalism which underpins the trade deals like TTIP… and explains the urgent attempts of the financial-corporate nexus to lock in de-regulation and privatisation, beyond the reach of democratically elected governments.

Now the task is to take on the Tories and their devastatingly, destructive policies both at home and internationally.

A fairer society means breaking the big business stranglehold on politics


Labour’s challenge to fight inequalities and rebuild democracy rests on addressing Britain’s ‘finance curse’ If the next Labour leader wants a fairer society, they must break the big business stranglehold on politics. by Nick Dearden Re-posted from openDemocracy 10.09.15 In … Continue reading

David Malone Interview 2014 : Trade Deals and the Death of Democracy


  David Malone Interview 2014 : Trade Deals and the Death of Democracy   The Mind Renewed Published on Jul 22, 2014 MP3 & SHOW NOTES: http://themindrenewed.com/interviews/… TPP, TTIP, TAFTA, TISA, ISDS? What does all this acronym soup of so-called “international trade … Continue reading

EU-US FTA, TAFTA, TTIP – whatever its name , it means bad news for 99%


TAFTA & TPP…Corporate Power Tools of the 1% Lori Wallach, Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, joins Thom Hartmann in exposing the secret negotiations which are taking place without democratic oversight.  Basically any legislation on either side of the Atlantic which … Continue reading

“Free Trade” Treaties are for Big Corporations, not for us.


The consequence of agreements such as the TPP and EU/US treaties, being presented as facilitators of free trade is now becoming clear – as exposed recently by Wikileaks.  Are we already in the post democratic era?  The idea that global … Continue reading

This Trans Pacific “Partnership” is really, really bad News. #WikiLeaks


Think Left have poised the question, “Are we in the post-democratic era?” Now, document details of the trans-pacific agreement leaked, and thanks to WikiLeaks, we see just how bad TPP trade deal is for ordinary people.. (Download pdf here) The more … Continue reading