Is the high level of Government debt a justification for austerity?


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In the piece posted below, Henry Stewart exposes Osborne’s sleight of hand by using the high level of government debt to justify his cuts – the debt that has grown under Osborne’s stewardship from £960 billion in April 2010, just before the coalition … Continue reading

Labour MP in urgent need of lesson in economics


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A response to Chris Evans MP by Prue Plumridge Just before the vote on the Fiscal Charter Chris Evans MP (who abstained) said: “Labour should be proud that when we were last in government we ran a budget surplus for … Continue reading

The fundamental deceit of ‘There’s No Money Left’


There’s No Money Left?  by alittleecon First posted 24.09.12 “The British Government has run out of money because all the money was spent in the good years,” George Osborne, Feb 2012 “…in the years of plenty they put nothing aside. They … Continue reading