John Hilary – Social Europe is dead, Global EU lives


John Hilary – Social Europe is dead, Global EU lives   This appallingly dishonest referendum campaign has reduced any debate down to frightening economic projections vs frightening xenophobic immigration statistics.  It is no wonder that most people say ‘that none … Continue reading

In Defence of Greece – and Six Myths Busted


The following article was  originally posted prior to the Greek referendum on Sunday. The mainstream media has put the blame on the shoulders of the Greek nation. This article looks closely at the myths which are commonly used as propaganda … Continue reading

It’s up to Europe’s Leaders now -Bryan Gould


It’s Up to Europe’s Leaders Now From Bryan Gould, previously published here:  Like so many others, I long ago got used to being pilloried as “anti-European” for daring to say that the “Europe” we were urged to sign up to … Continue reading

The Changing Face of Europe – As Greece says NO, what will we say?


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The Changing Face of Europe – and The World Socialists differ from nationalists in that their concern for the welfare of others is not confined to arbitrary boundaries of nations and states. In modern times, as transport and technology has … Continue reading

The Real Greek Crisis, – Bryan Gould


The Real Greek Crisis By Bryan Gould Most people will feel that they don’t need to look far for an explanation as to what lies behind the Greek crisis. Lazy reporting and racial stereotyping will persuade them that the Greeks … Continue reading

‘Brinkmanship’ and the Euro Crisis.


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Making sense of what is happening in the Euro crisis from simply listening to the BBC and the headline media reporting is scarcely possible.  Contradictions are hardly called into question; statements are confidently asserted as definitive; dubious assumptions are left … Continue reading