The Climate Crisis and a Unified Left Agenda – Naomi Klein


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Overcoming ‘Overburden’: The Climate Crisis and a Unified Left Agenda Why unions need to join the climate fight by Naomi Klein Author and journalist Naomi Klein speaking at the founding UNIFOR convention in Toronto on Sunday, September 1, 2013. (Photo: UNIFOR … Continue reading

Cameron and Co demonstrate the Art of Disaster Politics


  Naomi Klein’s book ‘Disaster Capitalism – Shock doctrine’ describes how a ‘disaster’ is utilized, perpetuated and even manufactured, to get policy change or to reframe events – changes which would not be possible unless the population was in a … Continue reading

Naomi Klein, Shock Doctrine, Hurricane Sandy and Unions


“When I wrote The Shock Doctrine, I was documenting crimes of the past. The good news is that this is a crime in progress; it is still within our power to stop it. Let’s make sure that, this time, the good … Continue reading