Some of the Scientific Evidence for Climate Change.

Following our recent series of posts on the environmental impacts of burning coal, it seems appropriate to confront the climate deniers and sceptics with some of the relevant scientific research indicating that climate is being affected by ‘man-made’ greenhouse gas emissions … and not a ‘hockey stick’ in sight.

Personally, I have always considered the climate debate a bit of a distraction from the ordinary common sense of living sustainably, of not wasting resources and, much more importantly the inevitability of peak oil production within the next few years … but for those who are doubtful or persuaded by the oil-funded spin of the deniers … here is another in our series of ‘pictures speak louder than words’.

The marxist theorist, Van der Pijl, suggests that increased resistance to the imposition of capitalist discipline is the incapacity of society and nature to sustain continual commodification and exploitation.  Elliot and Atkinson coin the phrase ‘ecocidal neoliberalism’.

However… any follower of Dr Who knows that bringing two parts of the time continuum together spells disaster.  Releasing the vast quantities of carbon dioxide captured 400 million years ago into today’s atmosphere is just such a threat.  We need to close the ‘portal in the fabric of time’ and leave fossil fuels safely locked away where they formed.

For a superb review of the evidence, and the source of the graphs below:

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