Greedy Tories, Leave our Schools Alone!


Greedy Tories – Leave our Schools Alone The school bully marches into playgrounds across this country, David Cameron with Nicky Morgan, and Michael Gove cheering from the sidelines, imposing his will.  Against the will of teachers and parents, he pursues … Continue reading

Is Time up for “The Big Lie”?


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Is Time up for ‘The Big Lie’? Jim Grundy The ‘Big Lie’ theory is best summed up by the well-known phrase that if you’re going to tell a lie, tell a big one, repeat it often enough and you’ll be … Continue reading

The Puppeteers at the BBC : (More Dishonesty, Disharmony and Broken Strings from the BBC)


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 More Dishonesty, Disharmony and Broken Strings from the BBC Challenging the false consciousness, in which much of the public are suspended has long been the greatest hurdle of the Left. Even those who are cynical or sceptical of the lies … Continue reading

What are the 2012 Tories like?


All political parties are coalitions but currently none more so than the parliamentary Conservative party.  Many of the divisions centre on George Osborne, as Rafael Behr suggests: ‘Frustration is growing across government at Osborne’s imperial reach… As the Chancellor’s reputation … Continue reading

An Olympic Challenge – Prizes for All Children Please!


If we learned anything from the Olympics, it was to see the how achievement against the odds can move and inspire others.  The excellent opening ceremony, designed by Danny Boyle acknowledged how the achievement and  development of a society is … Continue reading

Is ‘Austerity’ intended to increase unemployment and suppress wages?


By Payguy Osborne and Cameron are organising a slump to increase unemployment and supress wages – a price they consider worth paying – to increase profit margins for Tory donors and the interests of the super wealthy. We should certainly … Continue reading