Yvette Cooper hasn’t got the economics right


In the last of the Labour leadership debates, Yvette Cooper repeated her attack on Jeremy Corbyn’s economic strategy.  As a New Keynesian, she believes that since the economy is finally growing, the time for government investment or a fiscal stimulus … Continue reading

Corbynomics is the antidote to Speculation and Bubbles


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Corbynomics and Crashes: Investment versus Speculation By Michael Burke First posted 2nd September 2015 Words matter. But in economic discussion as elsewhere they are frequently abused. In economic commentary one of the most frequent falsehoods is to describe speculative activity … Continue reading

Neoliberal TINA Economics is Flat Earth thinking


By Prue Plumridge Belief in a flat Earth is found in the oldest writings and early Mesopotamian maps showed the world as a flat disk floating in the ocean.  Thankfully things have moved on since that time and we now accept … Continue reading