The NHS, The Sell Off Movie


The Sell Off Movie, The Great NHS Heist, Shortened Version

If you missed The Sell-Off movie from 2016, about The Tory  sell off plans for the NHS, here it is again. The Johnson government, if re-elected would push on and complete these Tory plans, and permanently make our NHS a privatised system.

In government,  the Labour Party will halt NHS privatisation and remove all traces of privatisation in our NHS

Magical Thinking


Magical Thinking By Roy Mayall One of my neighbours came over to say hello the day the Royal Mail was privatised. ‘I expect you’re looking forward to getting your hands on all that money you’ve just made,’ he said. The … Continue reading

Privatisation of Royal Mail – So what was the “Estate Agent” doing?


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aPrivatisation of the Royal Mail By C J Stone, previously published here As I’m sure you are all aware by now, the Royal Mail was privatised on Friday. It was sold for £3.3 billion. Within a day the share price had risen by … Continue reading

I thought I was a shareholder in Britain but …


I thought I was a shareholder in Britain   From Julijuxtaposed  The funding, running and  maintaining of our essential services has become such a complete and utter farce that, like a growing number of people, I despair at and hold … Continue reading