Aspiration as Public Ownership – Start with the Public Railways


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What more can we aspire to, but shelter, food, water and warmth for all – guaranteed? The great Thatcher sell off of private assets, of energy, water, and transport under the guise that privatised means good, and public ownership bad … Continue reading



Top-Middle-Bottom From Julijuxtaposed Too many people don’t get it and politicians don’t want to or can’t cope with alternative socio-economic views. Their ears are on default selection. You want to talk about the idea that public ownership of utilities is better … Continue reading

The Logic of Privatisation of the East Coast Mainline


First posted on Thursday, 28 March 2013 – Socialist Economic Bulletin The logic of privatisation of the East Coast mainline By Michael Burke The Coalition government has announced its intention to privatise the East Coast mainline rail network.  The network … Continue reading