The Fiscal Cliff is just another disaster-politics scam in action


Professors Michael Hudson, James K Galbraith and Bill Black variously describe the so-called ‘fiscal cliff’ as a scam, a Trojan and disaster politics. They contend that Obama has deliberately contrived this so-called crisis to ‘discipline’ the Democrats into voting for … Continue reading

George Osborne’s psychological warfare


It is getting to be a bit of cliché that George Osborne just copies the Republicans – not only in his policies but also in their dodgy tricks. For example, how did Mitt Romney behave in the first presidential debate … Continue reading

Is George Osborne the UK’s equivalent of tea-party hero Paul Ryan?


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Mitt Romney today announced Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate.   The global dominance of the US means that the candidates for this year’s presidential elections are of great importance for the rest of the world .. but … Continue reading