Is Time up for “The Big Lie”?

Is Time up for ‘The Big Lie’?

Jim Grundy
Big Lie
The ‘Big Lie’ theory is best summed up by the well-known phrase that if you’re going to tell a lie, tell a big one, repeat it often enough and you’ll be believed. It works and, ironically, it relies upon the basic honesty of most people to make it work.
Everybody lies. Of course we do but those lies are the small things that make life easier. You do like the meal that’s been cooked for you; yes, that new shirt, suit looks great, etc., etc. Lying is normally a harmless social lubricant, with no malice involved. And so most people think others operate on basically the same level.
But they don’t.

Over the past five years the Tories and their Lib Dem supporters have lied on an epic scale. Orwellian double-think and newspeak has nothing on them. They damn Labour for borrowing, whilst borrowing more than Labour has done, not only during the previous Labour administration but in history; boast of growth whilst overseeing the slowest economic recovery since the South Sea Bubble 300 years ago; and a rate of growth that still doesn’t match the one they inherited – and let no-one mention that the national debt Labour was bequeathed in 1997 (as a % of GDP) was larger than was passed on to the Tories in 2010.

The Tories know this perfectly well. But the credit crunch was a Tory wet dream, offering undreamed-of opportunities to implement a huge shift of wealth away from the public to a tiny ruling elite. It is no coincidence that the U.K. now has the largest number of billionaires per head of population than any other country. When the Tories ask where the money has gone – referencing ‘that’ note – the answer is clear.

From the privatisation of the Royal Mail for £1bn less than its market value – at a conservative estimate – to the handing out of NHS contracts to the private sector, the evidence of how this asset-stripping is playing out is there for all to see.

But what is in plain sight is not always what is most visible.

I give you, for your distraction, the ever-changing galaxy of scapegoats presented by our friends in the media and their Tory chums: foreigners; gay men and women; black people; asylum-seekers; refugees; gypsies; benefit scroungers; and, the current favourite – Muslims. There are many, many more, of course.

The crowding around the political centre ground left many working class people feeling abandoned, disenfranchised, bemused by what has happened and angry at the impact the undermining of their lives, homes and jobs has had upon them. UKIP, the ultra-Tories, have simply taken the next step, exploiting those fears to argue, for example, that raising the Minimum Wage would attract more lazy foreigners to the country, to take our jobs whilst living on benefits – let’s not dwell on that contradiction too long. The lie remains, only it’s even larger and even more dangerous.

Yes, only an idiot would argue that strategy hasn’t worked to an extent. A bigger idiot, though, would argue that everyone attracted by UKIP’s rhetoric is, therefore, racist, a hopeless, mindless bigot to be dismissed. Of course they’re not.

In their private lives when people go through the ups and downs of life they often grasp at small, almost insignificant issues and obsess about them. An argument about a partner not remembering to do the shopping, to put the bin out, to sort the gas bill, all these become mountainous problems because they feel themselves to still have an element of control over them – the ‘small stuff’. The underlying problems are too big, too difficult to face and are put to one side but forgetting to hang out the washing, now that sums up what’s wrong with your life…..

As in private, so it follows that the big public issues of the day can seem unfathomable, so far beyond their control that they don’t bear thinking about, let alone understanding, because there is no point. An earnest discussion of globalisation, the free movement of capital but not labour or the operation of City trading houses will leave many people completely cold. So, back to the ‘small stuff’: now, that bloke at no. 26 who’s never done a day’s work in his life, who claims benefits…., he’s the one. He is what is wrong with society. And those they read about in the press, now if we sort them….

And, returning to the theme, why would anyone tell such blatant lies about Romanians, Muslims, etc.? There must be some truth in it because they wouldn’t print such stuff if it wasn’t basically true, give or take the odd exaggeration…. Surely. Surely, people don’t tell such outrageous lies….

The last General Election saw an unpopular Labour Government, dealing with the biggest financial crisis in modern times, still suffering from the hangover of ‘New Labour’ – just how toxic that had become – and it hit rock bottom. But the Tories didn’t win. Despite everything, they had to be propped up by the Lib Dems (when ‘propping up’ was fine – it’s a crime now, it seems.). Was this the first sign of the weakening of the ‘Big Lie’? People were clearly fed up with Labour but not enough bought into the Tory message.

Cameron and Osborne have perfected their straight faces whilst telling the biggest lies possible but still not enough people have fallen for them. And as the election has approached, the lies have gotten larger and, abandoning all pretence of reporting news, their allies in the traditional media have joined in making a huge noise about how a man eats a bacon sarnie. There can never have been a worse, more negative, down-right vicious campaign in modern British political history.

But the louder they shout, the clearer it is becoming that not enough people are listening to them. Today’s headlines [6th May 2015] go beyond hysterical. The plebs, it seems, aren’t paying enough attention.

Younger people have tended to vote differently to the older sections in society but is that gap widening? Some of the polls suggest there is a growing and significant difference between the levels of support for UKIP by age-group. Society has changed and UKIP focuses upon older people, relying on a twisted version of nostalgia to spread its appeal, so that’s understandable. But what else is going on? At the same time the amount of time spent by people reading print news media is seemingly in terminal decline, likewise the time spent watching network TV news is suffering too. By contrast, the numbers accessing their information from the internet, and social media, has grown and grown. And internet polls are now beginning to highlight different outcomes to those carried out by telephone. (But that’s all Russell Brand’s fault, isn’t it?)

There is always the issue of causation against correlation but is the increasing use of the internet with the access it provides to a bewildering array of information (yes, not all good), information that is not controlled by peddlers of the ‘Big Lie’ changing how people think? If the messages given to people by the Tories can’t rely upon their massive reinforcement by the Murdochs and Mails of this world, is it the beginning of the end for the very tool that has been so useful to them up to now?

Well, probably not. Not yet. But, to paraphrase Winston Churchill – a man who knew the power of words if nothing else – whilst this isn’t the end; it isn’t even the beginning of the end; but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning for the growing challenge to the ‘Big Lie’.

And aren’t they terrified of that?

The Truth? – Censored! – Understanding our World:


Understanding our World: The Media, Education and Censorship.

By Pam:

I read today about a blind, cave dwelling fish. Apparently, after two million years of living in dark caves, it has lost its ability to see, yet still is influenced by the rhythm of life in its genes. I pondered as to whether we – people, living in the dark under the shroud of propaganda will eventually lose the ability to read truth, or whether it is innately written within our genes, – our need to trust each other, to live within a society, a mutually beneficial existence ensuring our survival.

If not, then the plutocratic parasites controlling our planet, will ultimately self destruct taking the good of mankind with them.

I ponder also how the phrase “Big Brother” metamorphosed into the title of a TV programme, watched by millions ensuring that whole hoardes of people, possible a whole generation, now transfixed by this new “opiate of the masses” are thus prevented from being confronted with the real, painful truth that their lives have become, a source of financial profit for the few.

Those words written by George Orwell Nineteen Eighty Four , (published in 1949) of course led to the title, of a worldwide reality television show Big Brother is based on the novel’s concept of people being under constant surveillance. One cannot help but reflect on the irony.

“The thought police would get him just the same. He had committed–would have committed, even if he had never set pen to paper–the essential crime that contained all others in itself. Thoughtcrime, they called it. Thoughtcrime was not a thing that could be concealed forever. You might dodge successfully for a while, even for years, but sooner or later they were bound to get you.”
- George Orwell, 1984, Book 1, Chapter 1

From such an early age, we begin to develop an understanding of our world. A baby’s eyes , once in focus will furtively glance around a room, until finds its mother’s eyes, full of hope, of curiosity, and then pursue an evolutionary prioritised path fuelled by a need to learn, to share, and to create.

There is no doubt that my first understanding of politics was gleaned from the stories our family told of conditions of the coal mines in South Wales, of stories of starving families in the General Strike of 1926, of a great grandmother demanding to be taken to polling stations on a stretcher. It was certainly not from the BBC. In fact current affairs programmes in the 50s and early 60s seemed to be all about The War. I was never hungry, I had shelter, I had health care. The post war socialist world led to opportunities for the working class and for women beyond any ancestor of mine. The Labour Party had made a difference, and the feeling of optimism of the 1960s prevailed.

Later, as an adult, and with my own eyes I saw policemen abusing little children at football matches, the BBC reported football violence, and of course cited some other instigators than The Police. I learned not to trust what I read, or what was reported on radio and TV, and like my ancestors, to have a deep mistrust of the Establishment which cared about self-perpetuation, and nothing for ordinary people.

Most of us learn our first ideas about the world from our parents, and then from our own experiences. As we grow, we learn to expand our sources of knowledge. We talk to our peers, listen to our teachers, read books, and newspapers, watch television and listen to the radio, and for today’s young people the Internet provides a potential source of information and a means of instant communication. It should be a means of education and free speech.

But all this is a means of misinformation, of propaganda, of lies and corruption. Who can we believe or trust?  What is Censorship?  How and why is it applied? Where is it? It is everywhere. It is a means to control, the tool of the mega-rich who control the planet, a plutocracy which is self perpetuating but only by the veiling of the truth from the many.

Using the propaganda modelManufacturing Consent posits that corporate – owned newsmass communication media — print, radio, television — are businesses subject to commercial competition for advertising revenue andprofit. As such, their distortion (editorial bias) of news reportage — i.e. what types of news, which items, and how they are reported — is a consequence of the profit motive that requires establishing a stable, profitable business; therefore, news businesses favoring profit over the public interest succeed, while those favoring reportorial accuracy over profits fail, and are relegated to the margins of their markets (low sales and ratings).

To protect children, then some censorship is necessary to some extent, but we are not all children. The information we are allowed to know is limited. Our perception of truth clouds our minds. This study from Harvard Business School demonstrates how Americans perceive wealth distribution.

Sources of Information and Truth – or Not Truth.


Libraries have historically been a source of information, of education. This source of information for the ordinary people should be brought forward to the 21st Century, providing access to books and to on line information for all.

See: Think Left 21st Century Library Service


Our teachers in the past were a rich source of information and learning skills, are now being deprofessionalised and deskilled, just serving to allow institutions to reach arbitrary targets set by governments, and delivery of a script, a prewritten National Curriculum when the state decides what people should know, or not know. Is this today’s Thought Police?

See: Think Left What Price Failure


The words Karl Marx “opiate of the masses” echo as loud today than ever.

“Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness.”

Karl Marx (Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right)

Whether Christian, Muslim, or Jew, those who pursue religions have no right to impose their beliefs on all citizens. For those that believe in the illusion of an imaginary force directing them, I sigh, but I accept in a democracy people have a right to their beliefs. I do not accept that they have the right to inflict on women of Northern Ireland removal of a human right to terminate a pregnancy. (Stephen Fry, Atheism) I am disturbed to hear fundamentalist religious groups attacking atheists for simply not sharing their view. This is propaganda, a precursor to fascism, to wars- those horrors religion always seem to lead to. Whatever, you feel or believe is up to you, but it is time for a separation of the Church and State. Christianity no longer represents the people of our country, these non elected people who seek to deprive women of their human rights.


Think Left’s study into how representative our Members of Parliament are clearly shows a disparity between the life’s experiences of those who represent the people of this country. How can people learn to trust ? We need to change the make up of the House of Commons so it is the voice of the people as it claims to be.

See: Think Left Becoming a Member of Parliament

Also: Think Left Women as MPs


This week the House of Commons voted to begin the process which will result in privatisation of the National Health Service. The implications of the Bill may be missed by many, unsurprisingly as this was barely reported by the BBC, seemingly obsessed by the anniversary on 9/11, of ‘Free Schools”, of the 50p tax rate. We have hardly had a mention of the plans to asset-strip our NHS and the removal of the obligation by Secretary of State to provide health care for all, as was the intent when drafted. It hardly mentioned that the NHS will be a source of pickings for the rich, and no longer aims to provide the best quality health care. What an outcry will there be when everyone understands this. But by then it will be too late.

The BBC, a public organisation can hardly itself be regarded as representative of people or even an organisation pursuing equality of opportunity. Like MPs fore- mentioned, people presenting the News are unlikely, in the majority to understand the issues faced by the majority of people in this country.

See Think Left: Red Labour must address the elephant in the room

Also Think Left : Labour’s Finest

A Think Left investigation into the profiles of News presenters from BBC 24, Newsnight, Radio4 Today/News at Ten has unsurprising outcomes. Where information was known, it was discovered that there is inherent sexism. There is and under-representation of women, and where there are women the age profile contrasts sharply with that of men.

Almost exactly two thirds of newsreaders went to private, independent or public schools, hardly representative of the general public.

This pie-chart shows the tertiary education of newsreaders, exactly one third having had an Oxbridge education, much in line with MPs.

Perhaps ordinary people might have more confidence in the message from the BBC if its newsreaders were paid realistic salaries in line with the majority of other public sector workers. The Director General earns £838,000. Other directors as of March 2011 had salaries of £488,000, £517,000, £467,000 and £452,000.

The personnel employed by the BBC, can hardly be regarded as representative of the people. They are very similar in their range of backgrounds to the MPs, and the same criticisms can be levelled at the news presenters who interrogate the politicians, and issues of the day. For the most part, they can have little personal experience of the lives of a majority of the population, and consequently do not ask the questions or single out the issues which would be of significance for that majority. For example, why would privatisation of the NHS be a priority for a presenter who has always used private medicine? Why would tuition fees of 9K/y seem enormous to a privately educated interviewer when top public school fees are 29K?

It might be forgiven if they showed an understanding of ordinary people’s lives. That was certainly not the case here – this filmed during the riots, and since removed from the BBC website. These are things we are not supposed to know., deleted by the Thought Police. Darcus Howe , a West Indian Writer and Broadcaster with a voice about the riots. Here is speaking about the mistreatment of youths by police. This was filmed during the riots, and since removed from the BBC website. These are things we are not supposed to know. deleted by the Thought Police.


The knee–jerk responses emphasise the injustice of  those who have wealth and want to keep it – and the rest of us. The Huffington Post reports that riot sentences are longer than average according to data analysis:

“The average sentence handed down by judges in all courts for those offences was 13.6 months, compared to 11.6 months for all of 2010.

Earlier reports by The Guardian had claimed that the riot-related sentence were more than three times as high as the average.

However, the Ministry of Justice told The Huffington Post UK that the paper had compared sentences from crown courts to those from all courts in 2010.

The Guardian said that the average sentence for those offences was 4.1 months, more than three times the overall average. The MoJ pointed out the overall average was actually 11.6 months.

Since crown court cases are typically more serious, the difference appeared larger than it was in reality.

“It’s still higher, but not three times higher,” a spokesman for the Ministry of Justice told The Huffington Post UK.

The Guardian has since amended its story.”

See : Think Left Perils of Punitive Evictions.


It was the media who got the better of the Labour Party in 1987 and in 1992, (Memories of 97 and beyond). The front page of the Sun made sure of that. In recent months, we have read about, listened to and watched reports of the corruption in The Murdoch Empire. The Law should not allow any individual ownership or editorial rights over more than one newspaper or periodical and ownership must be transparent.

The press sleaze currently filling our airwaves as a result News International criminal practices, exposes the extreme bias and manipulation by the Press. Labour has always struggled to get the people’s message across. Now there is an opportunity to hit back! Labour must finally undertake a reform of the media network.

See: Think Left Quality Life for Civilized Nation ( Secrecy and Tax Havens)


The press painted a black picture of the Trade Unions during the 1980s, not surprisingly as it wanted sole influence. Their role in communication, in education is crucial, and must be heard against the deafening voice of the mainstream media. Education of workers through trade union initiatives and through the Workers’ Educational Association learning opportunities for the disadvantaged..


Like other media the Internet is a medium through which propaganda can flow. This film demonstrates that there is a culture of Israeli satirical UTube videos about the Gaza strip , and is very disturbing.

It is the greatest bluff of all.

We cannot believe all we read and see. But the Internet undoubtedly is very powerful.

Political blogging and U-Tube has been a challenge to the establishment who try to silence us. We must speak out. People are doing just that.

Here is one man’s view of the riots. This man has answers, and uses the medium of technology to make his message. The young people of today will speak, because they have nothing to lose. We have been here before. Give the money back to the people, to the environment from where it has come. Redistribute the wealth, the wealth made by the sweat of workers, let them have their earnings not the mega-rich.


Twitter was blamed for the riots, the people’s communication of today, will challenge the establishment. Meanwhile people’s tweets will be tracked and spied on, CAPTCHA codes used to monitor Face-book posts. They want to know who is doing what, where, when and why – because people are speaking out. They speak The Truth. If the plutocrats and Establishment seek to silence, it is because it is THEY who have something to lose.


An incoming Labour government must never again let an opportunity pass to address the power and bias of the press and media, and should make the following a priority.

  • We must ensure we have a more representative Parliament which represents us.
  • Politicians should make politics relevant to the people and not indulge in Yah-Boo antics across the floor of The House of Commons which only those from public schools can understand.
  • We must ensure that the judiciary is fair, and seen to be so.
  • The BBC should not be an elitist organisation and should aim to inform, and present quality entertainment, education and current affairs programmes.
  • Labour should conduct an investigation and implement reform of the whole media network
  • No individual or company should be allowed ownership of more than one newspaper and they must be a resident British/EU citizen.
  • It should not be permitted to own both a newspaper and a TV/Radio company.
  • An inquiry into the role of the PCC (Press Complaints Commission) should be transparent and truly independent.
  • The Secrecy surrounding Tax Havens and Off shore Financial Centres must be lifted.
  • The outdated role of the Church of England in state matters must end.
  • Vindictive sentencing which is clearly politically motivated as seen recently must be overturned.


Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media

Edward S Herman and Noam Chomsky

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